Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Getting Off My Butt, I Swear!

The reason I haven't blogged about my handbag business in a long time has a lot to do with the sad truth that I haven't sewed in a long time. I slowed down a bit after the holidays to try to avoid the "burn out" I could feel creeping in. And before I knew it Spring was finally here and most of my free time was spent weeding and planting in my yard. Then came the last day of school which meant I suddenly had two wonderful boys home with me all day and, well, that sort of put an end to my daily sewing marathons.

I'm determined to get back in the saddle, as they say, thanks to a very loyal customer who keeps recruiting Sunshine Handbag Groupies (Thanks, Jan!), a few recent inquiries in my Etsy shop (at a time when I haven't been doing a bit of PR, so I have no idea how they found me in the melee of handbags on Etsy) and a very nice Etsy shop owner, KoolJewelry, who selected me to be featured in her weekly Etsy Blog (read all about it at All of this is very exciting to me and has been exactly the kick in the pants I needed to get me back in front of the machine.

I have a few "summer" bags to get finished before the weather turns but I'm really looking forward to making some bags for the new season because I just got my hands on some of the most beautiful fabrics - I can't wait to see them as finished bags and wallets! Keep checking my shop for the new arrivals! In the meantime, here are a few sneak previews of what I'll be working on...




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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to the Scene of the Attack


Aaron has been away all week at scout camp and Evan has been very lonely and out of sorts without his big brother. I've been filling up his days with fun events like mini golf and trips to the pool to keep him happy. Today we decided to take a trip to the botanical gardens to see the butterfly exhibit. We had tons of fun, saw many beautiful plants and butterflies and contrary to the sign posted outside, we did not get attacked by birds this time. Evan was a bit disappointed.
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