Monday, April 26, 2010

In My Garden

I've been working outside as much as the weather allows, getting the landscaping around the house cleaned up after a long winter. I'm always amazed to see the flowers break through the ground, surviving after being buried under all that snow for so many months. I have been pouring over my gardening books for inspiration and impatiently waiting for the garden centers to stock up. This year my goal was to get the gardens around the garage in shape, so I spent last week digging everything out - a lilac tree gone wild that didn't get enough sun to bloom properly, several hostas that I already have too many of, and my arch nemesis, creeping charlie. The only thing I kept were two peony bushes that I've never been too crazy about, but perhaps that will change once I improve their surroundings. I know I'll be putting in a beautiful hydrangea bush and I'm considering a climbing rose bush to adorn the brick wall of the garage, but that will be a gamble because of our climate and my lack of gardening skills.
In the meantime, I took some pics of what is currently blooming in the yard - I love the spring color because I don't get much of it in the summer until the hostas bloom.  Enjoy!

Virginia Bluebells

I love violets but not so much after they bloom!


Beautiful Rhododendron

Bleeding Hearts