Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Many Good Things

I've been busy. My lack of blogging is a direct result of so many good things going on, which, it occurs to me, is contrary to how most people blog. I would guess that the freqency of entries increases for most people in direct relation to how much is going on in their lives. Leave it to me to be contrary.

Sunshine Handbags is taking off like crazy. It has taken almost exactly a year, which is typical for most home-based businesses. My shop on Etsy still pokes along, but my direct sales to friends and family keeps growing very steadily. I officially have "groupies" with Jan (aka "Nona") leading the pack. She makes regular visits to my shop (formally my dining room) and is always bringing a new friend with her. Yesterday three lovely ladies ordered five bags among them! Yippeee!!

And if my machine wasn't already smokin', it will be very soon as I anxiously await the re-opening of a local artists gift shop where my bags will be sold. Dina (new friend) and Teresa (long-time friend) have asked me to provide at least a dozen bags and wallets for their store opening which will happen by the first of October. The shop is in what used to be Prairie Flowers and Gifts, and the Gifts part of the shop is being re-vamped into a haven for local artists to sell their creations. I can't wait! I'll post pictures as soon as we're in.

On a more personal note, I am still coming down from my whirlwind trip to Denver for my oldest little sis' surprise 40th birthday party. What a blast. She could not have been more surprised. In her words, she felt exactly like the big black ladies on Extreme Home Makeover when they "move that bus" and they see their new home for the first time. You know, the falling on the pavement, eyes pouring tears, screaming and speechless at the same was kinda like that. My dad and I made the trip out there and we all had a fantastic time. I got to see my mom and her beautiful new house, got to spend time with baby Thomas while he spent time trying to avoid me and/or hit me with his golf club. And I got to know Grandma Alice, my brother-in-law's grandma who is truly a gem. I know why my sister has such a special place in her heart for Grandma Alice, and now I do, too.

And one more son Aaron, who will be THIRTEEN (ugh!) in November, is a really good poet. He loves to write poetry, especially Haiku, which I think must be unusual for a pre-teen boy. But he is good. Really, really good. The following is a poem he wrote for English Class last week, his inspiration being a library book about WWII:

Remembering the Storm by Aaron Dodson

I sit here after dusk,
The sky as black as onyx.
Back facing the sheer cliffs,
I watch the dark waves rolling in
Grey stallions charging into the rocks.
I feel those barnacle covered stones.
They're rough, weathered by the events that have happened here
Where they lie marks the clash
Of good and evil, and where
Lead met flesh, and blood met sand.
A storm is brewing
As I leave, I dwell on the storm
That took so many lives long ago.
Remains of barriers stand idly
Like rusty crucifixes
For the forgotten souls